My Favorite Espresso Machine

Hello all! Tired of all daily life hassles? Need a break from all the drama and boredom at workplace? Or not finding anything interesting to do after having an afternoon nap? Don’t worry. Here I am to lift your mood up a li’l bit with an amazing mug of espresso and let’s get out of this grumpy mood! Wanna join me? Wait, before you sip yours, are you sure, yours one is as awesome as mine?

The Barista Express

Do you have my favorite espresso machinethe Barista Express” in handy? Oh, great then! You must have already discovered the amazing test of it, brewed with proper froth as same as those available at the espresso stands.

best espresso machine

Yes guys, I am talking about this sweetheart today. Isn’t is awesome to experience the barista-taste at your own balcony while sipping through it and writing at the same time? I know it is! :)

What I Love About This Espresso Machine

The main reason I love this one the most is,it not only makes the better quality coffee/espresso from the retail stores but you can also make a hell lot of coffee drinks with it like caramel macchiatos, cappuccinos with a dash of cinnamon, mochaccinos, cold coffee with all those kitkat crunches and you name it.

It has got many other convenient features like integrated “conical burr grinder” with dose control facility. Grind size is too, fully adjustable. Sounds cool, no? You would also get digital temperature control which would allow you to hit the water exactly at the right temperature.

For me, it just does the perfect justice to the coffee or espresso since here, I can also texture the micro foam just with my hands to make my dream latte art (which I am sure, your partner would just love on special days) and also enriches the full flavor of the coffee beans. In a word “great”!

Price? Well, price is a bit higher than the other available brands out there, but when it’s saving your time and money and in exchange, you are getting better quality of espresso at your kitchen’s comfort, then why not dude? Its price is $599.95. But the quality and comfort totally worth it.

You can undoubtedly give it a try, trust me and I can assure you won’t regret it at all. So..what are you waiting for? Just go grab one and turn your lazy afternoons into an amazing one just with a blink.
Happy espresso break!