The Best Knife Ever

global kitchen knife
This knife is great! By far, the best knife that I’ve come across and it is great for everything! I’ve been cooking semi-professionally for the past 8 years so have a fair bit of experience with kitchen knives and their many downfalls. Many I have tried before don’t stay sharp long enough, if they ever were sharp enough to begin with that is, and often don’t sharpen well either. This knife has great longevity though, meaning it stays sharp and useful for much longer, and then sharpening isn’t an issue either – very easy! It seems to handle well, fitting in the mold of my palm well and comfortably, ultimately giving greater control of the knife. Even my friends have commented on this knife when over for dinner. It looks fantastic, professional, and you can create wonders – but all at a fraction of the cost of the knives similar looking “professional” branded counterparts. Unlike many other knives, the top part of the handle is rounded and means my finger doesn’t cut up or become uncomfortable like when using many other knives for a long period of time – bad habit I know! It is also still surprisingly shiny and unstained after using and washing it many times. I’ve also found a great feature of this knife is that it seems to be top heavy, meaning it is much safer if and when dropped, landing handle first. In a busy family home such as mine, this is always a great and welcome feature. Overall, one of the best knives I have come across in this price range, competing well and above it’s similar priced products. I really cannot recommend trying this knife enough, and even if it isn’t for you, the customer service seems fantastic ensuring great peace of mind if you wanted to change or exchange the product. Best rated kitchen knife in my opinion – worth trying! But if you’re looking for chef knife reviews to read before you make up your mind, is a nice place to start. Their reviews are short and it saved me so much time.