My Favorite Espresso Machine

Hello all! Tired of all daily life hassles? Need a break from all the drama and boredom at workplace? Or not finding anything interesting to do after having an afternoon nap? Don’t worry. Here I am to lift your mood up a li’l bit with an amazing mug of espresso and let’s get out of this grumpy mood! Wanna join me? Wait, before you sip yours, are you sure, yours one is as awesome as mine?

The Barista Express

Do you have my favorite espresso machinethe Barista Express” in handy? Oh, great then! You must have already discovered the amazing test of it, brewed with proper froth as same as those available at the espresso stands.

best espresso machine

Yes guys, I am talking about this sweetheart today. Isn’t is awesome to experience the barista-taste at your own balcony while sipping through it and writing at the same time? I know it is! :)

What I Love About This Espresso Machine

The main reason I love this one the most is,it not only makes the better quality coffee/espresso from the retail stores but you can also make a hell lot of coffee drinks with it like caramel macchiatos, cappuccinos with a dash of cinnamon, mochaccinos, cold coffee with all those kitkat crunches and you name it.

It has got many other convenient features like integrated “conical burr grinder” with dose control facility. Grind size is too, fully adjustable. Sounds cool, no? You would also get digital temperature control which would allow you to hit the water exactly at the right temperature.

For me, it just does the perfect justice to the coffee or espresso since here, I can also texture the micro foam just with my hands to make my dream latte art (which I am sure, your partner would just love on special days) and also enriches the full flavor of the coffee beans. In a word “great”!

Price? Well, price is a bit higher than the other available brands out there, but when it’s saving your time and money and in exchange, you are getting better quality of espresso at your kitchen’s comfort, then why not dude? Its price is $599.95. But the quality and comfort totally worth it.

You can undoubtedly give it a try, trust me and I can assure you won’t regret it at all. So..what are you waiting for? Just go grab one and turn your lazy afternoons into an amazing one just with a blink.
Happy espresso break!

The Best Knife Ever

global kitchen knife
This knife is great! By far, the best knife that I’ve come across and it is great for everything! I’ve been cooking semi-professionally for the past 8 years so have a fair bit of experience with kitchen knives and their many downfalls. Many I have tried before don’t stay sharp long enough, if they ever were sharp enough to begin with that is, and often don’t sharpen well either. This knife has great longevity though, meaning it stays sharp and useful for much longer, and then sharpening isn’t an issue either – very easy! It seems to handle well, fitting in the mold of my palm well and comfortably, ultimately giving greater control of the knife. Even my friends have commented on this knife when over for dinner. It looks fantastic, professional, and you can create wonders – but all at a fraction of the cost of the knives similar looking “professional” branded counterparts. Unlike many other knives, the top part of the handle is rounded and means my finger doesn’t cut up or become uncomfortable like when using many other knives for a long period of time – bad habit I know! It is also still surprisingly shiny and unstained after using and washing it many times. I’ve also found a great feature of this knife is that it seems to be top heavy, meaning it is much safer if and when dropped, landing handle first. In a busy family home such as mine, this is always a great and welcome feature. Overall, one of the best knives I have come across in this price range, competing well and above it’s similar priced products. I really cannot recommend trying this knife enough, and even if it isn’t for you, the customer service seems fantastic ensuring great peace of mind if you wanted to change or exchange the product. Best rated kitchen knife in my opinion – worth trying! But if you’re looking for chef knife reviews to read before you make up your mind, is a nice place to start. Their reviews are short and it saved me so much time.

Ice-cream cookie sandwich

Have you ever just want to spice up a simple yet classy dessert for yourself at home? Or just make a different yet interesting kind of dessert for your family and friends? Or are you just bored of the typical ice-cream for dessert or chocolate chip cookies for dessert? What do you think if we combined those two? Combine the cookies and the ice-cream. What do you think about it? Well, if I hear you say let’s try it out, then here’s all you got to do!


Ingredients: –
8 tbsp butter
1 cup sugar
2 ⅕ cups Plain flour
1 tub of ice-cream (own preference)
Optional: –
One teaspoon of any sort of spices (cinnamon, ginger,etc. to be used as an ingredient in the cookie dough)
75g White Chocolate Chips or Chocolate chips (entirely up to you if you need a good knife to slice it, check this kitchen knife out)

1 – Preheat your oven at 160°C.
2 – Put the butter into the food mixer and mix it up till it is soft or you can also use a mixing bowl and whip the butter the manual way, until it has soften, then add sugar and beat the mixture till it is fully mixed and fluffy.
3 – Once you are satisfied with the mixture, and you feel the sugar is all mixed well, add the flour into it and also the optional ingredients that was mentioned earlier (if you like) and then bring the mixture all together till it turns into a dough.
4 – By using only your hands, take portions of the dough and make it into the size of a ball. And then compress them into the size of a cookie and set them on the tray Leave a little gap in between the cookie dough as it will raise up later on.
5 – Then, place them into the oven for about 15 minutes until you see that they are a little brown and firm on the top.
6 – Once that is done, place the cookies onto a cooling rack and leave them there for around 15 mins. Once it is cool, transfer it onto another tray and bring the ice – cream out.
8 – Once the cookies are cool, you can now place the ice-cream. Take one of the cookie and place the ice-cream onto it. (amount of ice-cream placed according to preference.) And when you are done placing the ice-cream, place another cookie on top of it.
9 – And there you have it. Your very own ice-cream cookie sandwich. Make as much as you want and you can even make extras keep it in your fridge and feast on it whenever you want to.

The Best Espresso Machines for Coffee Lovers

For most coffee lovers, the espresso may be the perfect and ultimate drink of all time. Espresso is coffee in its cleanest form because it is brewed by forcing hot water under pressure through a little amount of compressed and finely ground beans. It is also the base for a number of popular drinks like Americanos and Cappucinos. Brewing your own espresso at home may be a bit difficult to achieve, but with the help of the best espresso machines 2017, it will surely be close to what you usually buy in a coffee shop.

espresso coffee
However, with a number of options available out there, finding the perfect espresso maker for your home use can truly be a daunting task to do. But here’s a few of the best espresso machines that are known for their good quality and have stood the test of time making excellent coffee.

The Fully Automatic Espresso Machines with Excellent Quality

Among the fully automatic machines that are popular for its excellent quality and easy to use is the Delonghi Magnificia Automatic Espresso machine. Basically, this machine can prepare a wide variety of beverages like latte, espresso and cappuccino. It also contains a burr grinder which is built in. What makes it more perfect is that the boiler is removable and the machine cleans itself.

Another espresso machine that has positive reviews in the market is the Gaggia Synchrony Compact Espresso Machine. This espresso machine contains a 44 ounce tank and also gives out adjustable dosing. It also features a top-filling removable group and a removable water tank. Another useful feature that this machine possesses is its digital controls which give you a complete control over the quality and quantity of the espresso they wish to achieve.

Remember that when choosing the best espresso machines, you should always go for those that are convenient as well as very easy to use. It is also very important that you know how the machines work properly.

Good Things Happen with a Bread Machine

bread machine recipeWhen and how to begin is probably one of the most intriguing parts of my story; however, I will try to bring you up to speed on a number of good things the top bread machine reviews have done for me and my bakery business. My love for making breads actually kicked off many years ago. I believe it is because it is one of the activities I saw my mom and elder sister do it every other day. At first, I didn’t like the whole making bread thing; I found it tedious and time consuming. However, that was soon to change, and that day is still vivid in my mind. My sister and I were alone; our parents had gone on a road trip, and since we had all the time in the word, my sister suggested we make some bread. Interestingly, despite the fact that I did not like making bread, I agreed to her proposal. From that the day, I changed how I have always looked at the whole process.

However, learning how to make bread was not going to stop there; immediately I moved into my house and got married, I decided to open a small bakery in a township near our place. Since this was one of the things I loved doing the most, I knew deep in my heart that apart from the fun I was going to get, money was not going to be an issues to anymore. After my wife and I had identified a nice location, the next thing was to buy the best bread machines. I talked to a friend across town to suggest some of the best machines bread machines he had in mind. Nonetheless, I was not going to rely on his information alone, my wife did combed through places and came out with a good number of top bread machines reviews. We went through the reviews and single out high performing and probably the best bread machines available in the market, and the next thing was just going to buy them. To cut the story short, thanks to top bread machine reviews, our bakery business has been up and running for close to 8 months and our profits are soaring through the roof. It is unbelievable!

Don’t forget to read reviews before buying cookware

I have made a few blunders in my life, and so I can advise people not to buy cookware online or offline without going through plenty of articles of any year. New technologies are now available for making cookware usable in ovens as well as on induction stove, apart from electrical stoves, and gas stoves. Research also indicates which compounds are harmful. It is necessary to be aware of these things. But as far as my cooking goes, I realized that certain level of even cooking is essential and that new technologies are now available for giving better results. I am only four years into my marriage so this realization has come before it is too late.

Recently I bought T-fal C111SA non stick cookware set after going through some reviews. It is basically an aluminum set. But a higher gauge aluminum is used to make these pots and pans. In all there are 10 pieces, including 3 glass lids, with vents on them. I was looking for something that would be durable, and lifetime limited warranty definitely tilted the balance in favor of this set which includes a dutch oven (5 quarts), two sauce pans (one of 1 quart and another of 2 quarts), two saute pans (one of 8 inches and another of 10 inches) and apart from 1 egg wonder. I can wash them in dish washer but that feature is not important to me as this is the only cookware I would be using and so I would need it every day whereas dishwasher is run once in five days or so. The lids of pans can be used on other pans as needed. I can use these in ovens, on electric stoves, and even on stoves that have ceramic tops. My basic need was thick gauge.

I was tempted to buy Simply Calphalon set which also has 10 pieces but is made from hard anodized aluminum. The shapes were more elegant, and finishing great. I now regret not purchasing it. Not that the T-fal set is bad. In the Simply Calphalon set the omelette pan is of 8 inches, and there is another pan of 10 inches. The sauce pan is of 1 quart. A larger sauce pan of 2 quart is also provided. In addition there is a saute pan of 3 quarts and stock pot of 6 quarts. The glass lids in this set are made from tempered glass, and they are for saute pan, sauce pans, and stock pots.